No-bake munchkins Jungle Bites Balls

by - Sunday, January 14, 2018

This is how to make Jungle Bites Balls.
No-bake munchkins Jungle Bites Balls
Another no-bake munchkins to try aside from the usual Graham Balls. This time, I used Rebisco Jungle Bites - Milk flavor snack. This is also a biscuit, so it can also be used to make munchkin balls. Same process and ingredients except for the biscuit.

This is how I make No-Bake munchkin Jungles Bites Balls.
No-bake munchkins Jungle Bites Balls
You may try other biscuit too, like Oreo, Yahoo biscuits and etc. I have seen many biscuits in the grocery and I’ll make another munchkins in another post soon.


2 packs of Jungle Bites - milk flavor
2 small cans condensed milk/ 1 large condensed milk

How to make Jungle Bites Balls:

Step 1:If you have blender, grinder or a food processor to make biscuit powder, use it to grind Jungle Bites into powder. You can manually pound it using a rolling pin, place Jungle Bites in a ziplock bag or plastic, then roll it until it becomes a powder.

This is a step by step from scratch in making No-bake munchkin Jungle Bites Balls.
No-bake munchkins Jungle Bites Balls - step by step in making munchkin balls
Note: It doesn’t have to be perfectly powder as long as it is crashed enough to form a ball when mix with condensed milk.

Step 2: Put Jungle Bites powder into a bowl.

Step 3: Then add (gradually, so you can adjust it later on if you need to add condensed or not) condensed milk.

Step 4: Mix until well blended. Use plastic gloves instead of bare hand to ensure the cleanliness of the food we’re making. This is also easier to mix with plastic gloves so it doesn’t stick to our hand while mixing it.

Step 5: When mixture is done mixed, get 1/2 tbsp of the mixture, flatten and put a marshamllow in the middle of it.

Step 6: Then form a ball.

Step 7: Coat your Jungle Bites Balls with your desired sprinkles.

Coat Jungle Bites Balls into a sprinkles and milk.
Coating the finish product of Jungle Bites Balls.
Step 8: To make the balls sizes even. Use a 1 tsp, 1/2 tbsp or 1 tbsp (what you see in the pictures are 1 tbsp each of the balls) measuring spoon. It is up to you what size you like to make. I used 1 tbsp for my family, but usually when I make this for large volume, I use 1 tsp as long as marshmallow can be covered enough by the mixture.

This is how to make even in sizes of munchkin balls.
No-bake munchkins Jungle Bites Balls - step by step in making munchkin balls

I made 40 pieces of Jungle Bites Balls from 2 packs of Jungle Bites.

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