Anne's Dessert: Creamy and Tasty Leche Flan

by - Monday, July 31, 2017

Making the similar Chowking's Leche Flan.
Anne's Dessert: Creamy and Tasty Leche Flan
When it comes to Filipino dessert, Leche Flan is always the top choice to prepare no matter what occasions are. In other countries, if I am not mistaken they call this Creme Caramel custard dessert which is also made from egg yolk and milk similar to this.

Watch the video here:

There's no difference between these two - this is steamed in the bamboo or electric steamer. It can be baked too but usually in Filipino homes, steaming is just a traditional way of making it and also not everyone has their own Microwave oven so, steaming is the most convenient way to do it. 

Leche Flan can also be steamed using Rice cooker or steam it using your regular pot. I’ll make another post of how I steam a flan using rice cooker.

Our flan is like a jelly, soft, creamy and sweet. Some people especially non-Filipinos are surprised when they first tasted this because for them, it is too sweet - it is actually true but remember it is a dessert and should not be eaten alone. It is the same as you eat a piece of cake, just a piece of it but if you can eat the whole flan, why not?!

It is up to you, this is addictive in the first place - if you’re a sweet tooth - this is just perfect for you. 

On the otherhand, my mother said it tastes like Chowking’s Leche Flan.

Here are the things/equipment/materials/tools needed to make our flan:

  • Bowl
  • wire whisk
  • Strainer
  • Cheese cloth (optional)
  • Egg white and yolk separator (optional)
  • Aluminum foil for covering the flan
  • Llanera / anything like thin that is used for baking cakes just make sure that it is small
  • Toothpick/table knife/fork (optional)
  • Steamer


  1. 5 egg yolks
  2. 1 pc. 200g condensed milk (big)
  3. 1 pack Nestle Cream/Heavy Cream
  4. 1/4 c. sugar
  5. 1 drop vanilla flavor (I don’t have essence at home so I used the vanilla flavor instead)
  6. 1 1/2 tbsp. water
  7. 6 c. water for steaming

You can adjust the sugar to lessen the sweetness if you don’t want it to make it too sweet. You can do this: 1 tbsp of sugar and 3 tsp of water.
In your condensed milk, you can lessen it as well in half of the can.

adjust the water for steaming your flan, if you are using electric steamer like I did 6-8 cups is enough without adding water from time to time but if you are using stove, you should check your pot to make sure there is enough water, just add water if in case water is needed.

How to make Leche Flan:

  • In your Llanera, add water and sugar
  • Then melt it over low heat until color changes to orange and do not burn it.
  • When sugar is already melted, spread it evenly to the Llanera - side by side and bottom as well.
  • Set aside and wait for caramelized sugar to be hardened.
This is how to do the caramelized sugar in Leche Flan's syrup.
How to make caramelized sugar for Leche Flan

  • In a bowl, beat 5 egg yolks, do not over stir it to prevent bubbles.

Slowly beating the egg yolk to prevent it from bubbles.
Beating the egg yolk

  • Then add condensed milk, mix well

Adding and stirring the condensed milk to yolk.
Adding the condensed milk to yolks

- Add Vanilla flavor (essence)
To add flavor to the Leche Flan.
Adding essence or flavor to the flan
  • Add Nestle and stir well. 
  • mix altogether.
The secret ingredient is adding the cream to our flan to taste it like Chowking's Leche Flan.
Adding the cream
  • Get your Llanera with the caramelized sugar on it and place a strainer before pouring flan mixture into it.
Straining it to become smooth and less bubbles.
Pour the mixture to Llanera

  • Cover it with aluminum foil.
  • Steam it for 30-35 minutes.
Steaming it to our Hanabishi Electric Steamer.
Steam for 30-35 minutes
  • It is cooked already if it looks like jelly or insert a fork or toothpick to the flan and if it comes out clean then its already cooked.
  • After the steaming process, if you are going to eat this right away, give it a little shake to loosen the cooked flan to llanera
  • Then flip it upside down using plate then remove it from llanera.
Flipping upside down the flan to plate.

  • There you have it, this is now our Creamy and Tasty Leche Flan.
  • If there is still flan left you just put it in the fridge.

Note:Strainer and cheesecloth will help your flan to make it smooth and less bubbles
It’s okay not to put it in the fridge right away, we’re just keeping it in the frigde so it will last long and it helps to make the flan to become solid.

I usually don’t remove the flan to llanera when putting it inside the fridge and when I am ready to eat this, that’s the time when I transfer it to a plate.

I hope you try my version of Leche Flan and like it as well. Let me know if you have tried this and will try to address it as much as I can. You may also want to watch how I made my Leche Flan, you can watch here.

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