How to make your own cornmeal

by - Friday, October 28, 2016

If cornmeal is not available in your area, what would you do? You can make your very own cornmeal at home using raw popcorn by grinding it to make it powder.
How to make your own cornmeal

Cornmeal is very hard to find in the Philippines not unless you have relatives, friends or close to you to buy for you it in the United States of America or wherever cornmeal is available. This is usually used for corndogs so, if you plan to make your own corndog but you don’t have a cornmeal for it. I have a good solution and you might want to try this very simple recipe.

The only thing I know is raw Popcorn. Corn is one of the most harvested plant in the whole world so I know this is readily available wherever you are. In case you don’t have it, just buy a corn kernel and remove the syrup then let it dry under the sun until you see corn is ready to be cooked as Popcorn.

Honestly, I haven’t tried this yet but there is no harm in trying. Here is how to make your own Cornmeal and I made Popcorn as well. You might want to try this too.

Materials needed to make this:

Blender or coffee grinder (I used blender)

  1. raw Popcorn

Yes, this is the only one I used for my cornmeal, some used flour, baking flour but if you intend to make corndog then I think you don’t need to include it to cornmeal because corndog has baking flour already so, if you add it to cornmeal then it would be too much. It is up to you if you want to and there is no rule in making your own cornmeal.

  • Blend or grind the Popcorn until it becomes powder. It doesn’t have to be perfect because after pulverising it you will strain the objects or lumps using your strainer.
  • If there are still objects/lumps just remove them.
  • And it’s done! 

You now have your own cornmeal. I also made my own corndog using this D.I.Y (do it yourself) cornmeal and I'll post this here soon with video how I made it.

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