Bread Roll (Pizza Roll)

by - Sunday, October 04, 2015

This post will show how to make Bread Roll.
How to make Bread Roll (Pizza Roll)

This recipe is from the idea of Good News of GMA News at Channel 11 and thanks to them for giving their viewers this wonderful idea. So, I made my own Bread Roll and I hope you try this too.

Bread Roll has ingredients similar to Pizza such as tomato sauce, hotdog or ham, onion and green bell pepper. This is perfect for kids and for their "baon as we say in Filipino" or snack. 

You can try this recipe at home and you might like how this simple and delicious to eat. Do not forget to buy paper towel so to remove excess oil and you can add your own choice for hotdog or ham like chicken, sausage, bacon, or tocino. Or you can even add Pineapple to add flavour.

Watch my video here below. The dialect I used was Ilocano, sorry to those who doesn't understand it.

Here are the ingredients that we will need:

Bread (Any bread without flavour)
  1. Tomato Sauce
  2. Green Bell Pepper
  3. Ham/Hotdog/Bacon/Tocino/Longganisa and etc.
  4. Cheese (any kind of cheese)
  5. Onion

For Coating:
  1. Bread Crumbs
  2. Eggs (beaten)

For frying:
  • Cooking oil

Materials needed:
  • Rolling Pin
  • Paper Towel - used to remove excess oil
  • Tong

If you don't have Rolling Pin at home, you can use the following as an alternative to Rolling Pin:
  • Wine Bottle
  • Drinking Glass
  • PVC
  • Soft drink in can

  • Prepare your bread crumbs and beaten egg.
  • Set aside for a while.

Here's how to make Bread Roll:
  1. Flatten bread and make sure there is no hole in your bread
  2. If bread is flattened already, add tomato sauce and spread all over bread.
  3. Add Hotdog, green bell pepper, onion, cheese
  4. Roll it and set aside (do this with the rest of your bread).

  • Coat Bread Roll with the beaten egg
  • Then next is, coat it with bread crumbs.

Use your Right hand for dipping bread to egg then Left hand for bread crumbs. 

  1. Now, heat the pan then pour cooking oil in it and lessen the heat while frying bread roll
  2. Cook until it becomes slightly brown. 
  3. When done, place it in a paper towel and let the excess oil subside.

Best serve with Juice or Soft Drink. I cut my bread roll into 3 pieces just to show what is inside. Thanks for visiting this blog.

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