Exotic Chicken feet Adobo

by - Sunday, November 23, 2014

This chicken feet is known as one of the best and popular dish in the Philippines.
Exotic Chicken feet Adobo
Chicken feet is considered as one of the exotic food in some filipino but to those who are raised in the province, this is just normal and ordinary food for them. They serve it as a dish and eat this using the hand.

Imagine yourself eating this kind of food using spoon and fork, that is hard. It’s much better eating Chicken feet with your clean hand. You just make sure that your hands are clean, okay? For me, I am not expert eating with my hands but with this you have to use hand whether some like it or not so you can sip and bite it perfectly.

Oopps don’t eat the bone (but if you can eat that bone, it’s okay it doesn’t matter).

But before you cook this you must clean or remove the first skin layer of it because it’s rough or else you’ll eat this like chewing gum. Speaking of the first layer of skin, the easiest way to remove that part is to boil water then pour it in a bowl then soak the chicken feet into the boiled water a second and remove that layer.

Do this constantly if it still has a remaining layers and you can easily remove it. Watch my full video here:

After doing that, you can now start cooking this so here are ingredients that you’ll need.

Ingredients needed:
  • 1/2 kg. Chicken feet
  • 1 laurel leaf
  • 1 tbsp ginger
  • 2 tbsp cooking oil
  • 2-3 pinch ground pepper
  • 1 tbsp garlic
  • 1 whole onion
  • 1/2 cup soy sauce
  • 1/2 cup water
  • rock salt

What to do with your ingredients:
  • chicken feet - remove the first layer (yellow color) then wash and spread salt
  • laurel - you will need it, at least one leaf is enough to reduce the fishy smell of chicken feet
  • ginger - mince it
  • garlic - mince it too
  • onion - slice it like ring
  • rock salt - you’ll use salt to rub it later to chicken feet to reduce fishy smell

Optional Process:
In a bowl, rub chicken in a rock salt then add garlic, this is to reduce the fishy taste and fishy smell. Then wash it but do not over wash it.

Here is how to cook it:
  1. In a pan, pour cooking oil over medium heat and saute ginger and garlic.
  2. Add the chicken feet and then add water until it becomes sticky
  3. Simmer and Cover
  4. Add soy sauce until it becomes stickier
  5. Add onion rings, dried laurel leaf and ground pepper
  6. Cover and simmer
  7. Taste it according to your taste
  8. Done!

I hope this dish doesn’t scare you because this is delicious too like other exotic dish. You can imagine that you’re just eating fried chicken.

Before I forget to say this, remove the nails of feet, and that’s it. Share it with your friends, or challenge them by eating this alone using your clean hands. I’m sure you guys will enjoy.

What you can also do for chicken feet?
Of course there are, you can fry it like the normal fried chicken, you can grill the chicken like a barbecue and a lot more. You must try this dish.

Thanks for reading this post and please feel free to message me, I’m glad to hear from you.

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